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Unlock your own private studio

Train your clients, exercise with friends, or work out alone - when you want, where you want.

Ways to use our spaces

For trainers

Treat your patients or train your clients

For gym-goers

Find a trainer, work out alone or with friends

For partners

Influencers, brands, and real estate agents

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What sets us apart


We value privacy

We are your own personal and private gym studio. That means that when you book one of our Silo’s, it’s entirely yours for the whole session - no one else will be there.

We recognize the need for flexibility

Our service is on-demand, so you can book our spaces on the go. Our hourly rate ranges from $15 to $30, depending what city you're in, and which studio and timeslot you choose.

We don't want to tie you down

There's no memberships or hidden fees - zero commitment whatsoever. Why should there be? With us, you only pay for the time you need, when you need it.

How to book in 3 easy steps

1. Create an account

Download our app on the App or Play store, and create an account using your email address or Facebook.

2. Select a space

Select the fitness space you'd like to reserve.

3. Make a reservation

Choose the time and duration for your session, then confirm your booking.

What to expect


Getting in

Before your session, we’ll send you your unique access-code to unlock the studio. For any reservations that are scheduled outside of regular business hours, we send simple instructions by email on how to get into the building.

The space

The Silo is your own personal gym - it’s a clean and equipped fitness space you can enjoy with total privacy for the time you book. The capacity ranges from 4 to 8 people, but we don’t charge extra for groups - you pay per hour, not per person.

Tidying up

We clean the equipment several times a day. All we ask is that you tidy up before you leave. Please be sure to put the equipment back in its original place, and keep the shower clean. If you respect the space, then so will the next person!

Checking out

If you plan on washing up, please be sure to save time towards the end of your session to take a shower and pack up your belongings. When your session is over, all you have to do is shut the door behind you on the way out. That’s it!

Our equipment and amenities

cardio machine



cable machine



power blocks

kettle bells

massage table


medicine balls

agility ladder

jump rope

aerobic step


foam roller


yoga mats

yoga blocks

yoga straps

slam balls

bosu ball

exercise balls



self-check in



free wifi

filtered water

24/7 support




Download our app to book our studios on demand, and get the entire equipment list in the space details.

Company updates

We are pleased to announce that we're officially working with Strive Life to help get you certified as a personal trainer! Strive Life is an interactive and immersive certification course, that blends fitness education with in-person learning. Unlike other certifications, this course takes a hands-on approach to training, by running you through movements and live coaching scenarios, so you have the tools you need to be the best trainer you can be!

If you're interested in getting certified, please email

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